Custom Golf Club Fitting

"For years I have heard that a proper club fitting is essential to optimizing your potential in the great game of golf.  What is not well known is that a proper fitting is far more than just measurements.  It is the ultimate precision matching of all of your individual swing characteristics with the optimum equipment.  Not knowing what if anything I would gain, I started with an irons fitting from Rick Grinstead.  Being a technical guy myself I can only say that I am entirely amazed at this expertise that in short has entirely changed my game.  There was an immediate 10 stroke reduction in my game from the irons alone.  From there Rick performed a driver fitting and the results were again amazing.  The first round played with the new driver enabled me to achieve a first ever drive to the back of a par four green and a resulting eagle.  On average over 50 yards gained with the driver alone with an increase in accuracy.  That's the expertise of a level nine club fitter such as Rick Grinstead at work.  Regardless of your present skill level, if you care about your game and want to realize your full potential, you simply must see him and find out for yourself just what that potential is.  Your enjoyment factor will pay you dividends for life."  -  Alan B. ,  Tucson, AZ