Bend Putter or Hybrid for Loft/Lie      

per club if bendable

Loft & Lie Adjustment of Irons            

per club

Shaft Pull Only                                   

Dynamic Fitting for Lie Angle               

7i thru LW (price is for a set)

Club Loft, Lie, & Face Angle Check       

per club

Golf Club Services

Basic Grip Installation                           

grip not included

Custom Golf Club Fitting

Shaft Extension & Regrip                    

grip not included

Composite Top/Bore Thru Shaft Pull    

Shaft Shortening & Regrip                  

grip not included

Re-Gluing a Loose Head on a Shaft     

Drill Out / Remove Broken Shaft          

Reaming a Head                                    

for a different bore diameter

Reshaft Bore Thru/Composite Top

Refurbish, Restore, Polish Clubs         

Eliminate a Rattle Noise Inside a Head    

All Repair, Production, Rebuild and Changes backed up by a Satisfaction Guarantee by Accu-Rite Custom Golf, LLC.

Increase Swing Weight                            

by adding hot melt glue inside a head

Inspection & Evaluation of Your Set of Clubs           

Length, Flexibility on Frequency Machine, Lofts, Lie, Face Angles, Swing Weights & Grip Size

Launch Monitor Fitting Session - Complete Set or Partial as :  

Separate Putter or Irons Which Includes Hybrids or Driver which includes Fairway Woods.

Adjustable Hosel Adapter Replacement  

price varies depending scope of work


per club, will NOT be USGA legal

Pro-soft Insert                                     

vibration dampening device per club

Increase Swing Weight                          

by adding lead powder in a club

Any Club Requiring an OEM

Bushing, Sleeve, or Ferrule                    

Callaway, Taylormade, etc.


driver, F/W wood, hybrid, iron, or putter (shaft supplied by customer)