Here are a few of the high tech tools that I use

  • Mitchell Tour Gauge Digital Spec Gauge
  • MOI Speed Match System
  • P3 ProSwing Launch Monitor & simulator
  • Maltby Laser Frequency Machine
  • Mizuno Irons & Hybrids Fitting Cart
  • MR3 Golf Designs True Blue Loft & Lie Bending Machine
  • Golf Perfect Professional Dynamics Golf Shaft Spine Finder

About Me

Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Level 9 Testing & Certification

Maltby Clubmaking Academy

Fitting, Assembly & Repair

Maltby Clubmaking Academy

Advanced Shaft Technology

Maltby Clubmaking Academy

Professional Clubfitting

AGCP Educational Seminars

MOI,Frequency Matching, Clubfitting Techniques, Putters & Putting Technology

My Certifications

Equipment Overview

Custom Golf Club Fitting

I was born in Louisville, KY in 1946 and attended Western Kentucky University and graduated with a BA in Psychology and minor in Geology & Military Science (ROTC). I was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation and went to the US Army Fixed Wing Flight School.  I flew night time recon & surveillance in Vietnam using electronic infrared & side looking airborne radar cameras. I earned 27 Air Medals and Bronze Star while on active duty.  After the war I flew 26 years with Piedmont Airlines & USAirways having served more than 20 years of that as Captain. I learned to play golf in the military and my first set of golf clubs were Hillerich & Bradsby Power Built Citations. 

In 1998 I learned how to build golf clubs for fun and a few years later I was professionally fit by an AGCP (Assn. of Golf Club Fitting Professionals) member.  This raised my level of understanding about the importance of proper fit and build of a golf club.  From then on I was hooked and had a desire to get educated in this profession.  After many schools on fitting, building, repair, and shaft technology I started a company called Accu-Rite Custom Golf and outfitted a comprehensive workshop with “state of the art” electronic tools and a P3 ProSwing launch monitor and Flight Scope Mevo Launch Monitor. 

I carry many custom lines of golf equipment that I fit, build, or repair by appointment and would love to show you my shop.  I have the desire and passion to help you have more fun and lower scores in your golf game !