DRIVERS : We Do Custom Golf Club Fitting For Drivers

Custom Golf Club Fitting

When you play the correct length driver you will get more on-center shots and normally get more driving distance and better accuracy.

Today's average PGA tour driver is 44.5" long. Many stores today sell 45.5" to 46"+ lengths. For many players today 43" to 44.5" is best.

The flex on drivers for sale in stores are all over the place. There is NO FLEX Standard in the industry. The OEM manufacturers try to find a one size fits all approach. Why buy this way? We all swing differently, and this is the reason there are more than a 1,000 shafts available. Many swing types and speeds and tempos and release points.

A proper driver fitting should include: Clubhead type, Clubhead loft, Clubhead Face angle, Shaft options, Club MOI/Swingweight. A Certified Fitter will use electronic instruments, range observations and years of knowledge to evaluate your swing and proper needs for the very best driver, which should be used for years to come.

At Accu-Rite Custom Golf I take great pride in getting you the longest hitting, tightest dispersion, best feeling driver that you can hit on this planet. More fun in golf means lower scores!

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